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Frequently Asked Questions

Daytona Beach Boat Rentals LLC has been a go-to boat rental company that continues to offer a thrill of a lifetime. Located in Ponce Inlet, FL, I have all sorts of recreational watercraft for you to enjoy riding in and make sure that my clients experience no issues while using any of the boats I rent out. Many of the customers I have had over the years have turned to me with various questions. Here, you can check the FAQs I receive.

What types of boats do you rent? 

I offer all sorts of solutions for you to use and rent various types of watercraft for all sorts of recreational activities. You can benefit from my pontoon boat rental with various accommodation options, take a ski boat for an hour or two, as well as much more. I also have a luxurious yacht for any type of celebration.

Which types of boats can I use for fishing? 

You can easily take advantage of the runabout boat I rent. It is a type of motorboat that is available for a group of four to eight people. Apart from fishing, you can use this type of watercraft for all sorts of other activities, such as boating, water skiing, and many others. Feel free to take advantage, today.

Do you have boats with a capacity higher than ten people?

Yes, and they are quite affordable to rent. You can come to check out the boats I rent out to my clients. What I would suggest, if there are ten or more people, you use the pontoon boat rental option, which is available for any number between ten and twenty people. Apart from that, I have a deck boat you can rent if there is a group of up to twelve people.

What sets your boat rental company apart?

In addition to offering affordable boat rental solutions for people who like to fish, families, and for marine lovers to enjoy, I have also made sure to provide a convenient place near the shore where you can easily take advantage of my services. My rental company is licensed and bonded. You can also be sure that I will take your budget, size, and needs into account when you search for my rental services. That way, I can help you select the right type of watercraft for you to enjoy your time sailing.

Do you work with commercial clients? 

I have had the pleasure of working with many corporate clients in the past and even now. If you are organizing any form of business event and you wish to take out a boat, then you should look at me as an opportunity to enjoy your celebration without having to worry about your budget. Whether you choose a pontoon boat or my yacht rentals, I promise you the thrill of a lifetime.

How can I rent a boat from you? 

You can visit my website, where you can easily pick the places you want to go. After that, you can choose the type of watercraft you want to use, be it a water bike or ski boat rentals, a deck boat for your family, or a runabout for your fishing times. Whether or not you want a captain on board is entirely up to you. And voila, you have made your first boat rental request. If you are having any difficulties, you can visit me, and we will discuss your needs on-site.

What payment options do you offer? 

I accept cash, checks, as well as all major credit and debit cards.

Can I rent a boat today? 

Sure, you can. I am available every day of the week from nine in the morning to six in the afternoon for any type of boats you wish to rent.

Contact me if you reside in Ponce Inlet, FL or any of the surrounding locations and are interested in the deck boat rental services or other types of watercraft that Daytona Beach Boat Rentals LLC offers. You can arrange a boat for your special occasion or other recreational activities by dialing (386) 222-1057 where you can learn more about me and the benefits of the rentals I offer. I’m looking forward to your call. Contact me today!

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